Agarwood Story

The formation of frankincense in the gourd tree contains many mysteries. The folk told that: Frankincense is caused by Huong Troi following the wind to meet the wound on the tree trunk. Other special natural conditions, called the Spirit of Heaven and Earth.

Vision - mission

Tram Huong is the most valuable forest product in Vietnam, especially with very high economic value because it has many uses and excellent effects on human health without any replacement plants. Because of that, we want to bring all of the essence of incense to everyone!

Agarwood Products




Incenses vs perfumes

Incenses do not contain top, middle and base notes like perfumes. Perfumers can smell their working during the blending processes.  However, the incense blenders are unable to do so as…

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Wedding Perfume

Source: Gattis 2011 Hamburg perfumer Kim Weisswange received a call from the Palace to create two perfumes for the Royal Wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton  (Hall and Liydall 2011) Have you wondered…

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Therapeutic Uses of Agarwood Oil and Hydrolsol

Therapeutic uses of agarwood oil and hydrolsol

Agarwood is the resinous heartwood of certain species of genera Aquilaria, Gyrinops and Gonostylis of family Thymalaceae. Agarwood oil is distilled from the resinous heartwood, where the water insoluble essential oil fraction is separated from the oil…

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